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First of all the basics - supermarket shopping. There is a very good chain of supermarkets called Supercentre in Barbados, which sell pretty much everything you'll want. There are also a couple of delicatessens and a patisserie (Flindt) in Holetown for those more interesting items.

For gifts, wander down to the Chattel Village in Holetown where a number of small shops have a wide range of goods. There is also a duty free shopping area in Holetown.

Broad Street in Bridgetown is the main shopping street on the island with Cave Shepherd the major department store. There are two prices shown - the local price (in Bajan and US dollars) and the duty free price. To get the latter take your passport and airline tickets with you. The savings can be huge.

Other interesting shopping spots in Barbados, include a great art gallery in Speightstown and also a lovely pottery shop (called Earthworks) just 10 minutes from Holetown. Both shops will ship goods overseas.

Please ask your housekeeper at the villas in Barbados for further details on the shopping experience you are after.