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Rum is the great Bajan drink. It is the base for a number of cocktails the best known and simplest of which is Rum Punch.

To make Rum Punch is very simple. Just memorise this rhyme:

One of sour

Two of sweet

Three of strong and

Four of weak

Your sour is lime juice (sold ready squeezed in supermarkets), sweet is simple syrup (again sold ready made in supermarkets - how easy is this), strong is dark rum and weak is water, ginger beer, sprite or pink grapefruit according to taste. Mix them all together with loads of ice and pour, grating a bit of nutmeg on the top.

Best to make this in a large jug as it will go fast. If you make it with water it will keep in the fridge for several days.

Go and learn again how to make the perfect Bajan rum punch and find out how rum is made - not to mention enjoying a rum tasting session and the chance to buy rum at excellent prices. Daily tours of Mount Gay are available. Visit for more details.