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Some suggestions:

Expensive but special: The Cliff, Lone Star, Carambola, Tides, Villa Nova

Mid price: The Mews, FishPot, Olives

Less expensive: Angry Annies, Pizzaz, Cocomos

For Sunday lunch - try La Mer for a stunning buffet

For lunch over on the East coast - The Cove, Edgewater Inn, The Round House

Glitter Bay has a Friday night buffet and show with a selection of local artistes such as fire eaters, stilt walkers and limbo dancing.

Don't forget to try the excellent fresh fish - flying fish and dolphin (don't panic - this is mahe mahe not the mammal!), swordfish and barracude are all on most menus. And for the ultimate fish experience go to the Oistins Fish Fry on a Friday night and watch the place jump while you eat the freshest fish possible.




Our villas in Barbados are located near to some of the finest restaurants in Barbados, so finding a place to have a good meal is never a problem.

From award winning cuisine to more casual establishments, they cater for all tastes from local Bajan dishes to international favourites. We advise you to make reservations at the restaurants of your choice to avoid disappointments.